Cleaning homes is a mundane yet essential chore. In Indian households specifically, one has to rely either on fussy domestic helps or the cumbersome vacuum cleaners which need to be plugged in. These not only restrict your convenience but also make the chore drudgery since you have to lug and push it around.

Experience our exclusive product JClean, a super-efficient vacuum cleaning device, a perfect answer for all your cleaning problems! It is priced reasonably and does a variety of cleaning chores, helping you to keep your surroundings sparkling clean without you having to lift a finger. Its remarkable features make it intelligent yet simplistic. Bring home JClean and you will have an immaculately clean house to welcome you every day!

  • Vaccum cleaner with a difference
    Look forward to a no-hurry, no-rush cleaning job at the click of your fingers!
    JClean does a systematic and meticulous job of cleaning your house without bothering you. It has been especially designed keeping the Indian environment in mind. It covers every nook and corner of the room to give you cleanliness par excellence and ensures dust free and super clean surroundings. It not only adjusts its speed but also adapts to different kinds of surface areas.
  • Fully automated
    JClean works intelligently and cleans every nook and corner efficiently. It is completely automated and can vacuum around 100 square meters in an hour. It cleans all kinds of surfaces including tiles, timber, carpet and slate spotlessly. This robot has inbuilt 'intelligence' and has been specially programmed to scan the room with the help of its various sensors to ensure maximum efficiency. Equipped with various cleaning modules for performing a variety of tasks, it has a range of sensors that help it to navigate in the room to make sure that the whole area is cleaned. JClean is as well equipped with edge detectors, which can scan the presence of stairs/ledges and avoid it itself from have a nasty fall! It is programmed to have all the intelligence to go around in house to clean autonomously with-out you disturbing any of your furniture/interior setup.

    Set your JClean docking station on a timer with date for cleaning and forget about your cleaning chores!
  • Spotlessly Clean Home
    You may clean the house every day before you leave for work but that's not how you may find it when you come back. Probably the kids have dirtied the carpet or a layer of dust has settled on the floor making it dirty. Instead of spending quality time with your family or making something special for dinner, you get down to the grind of cleaning the house.

    With JClean at your service, you may forget about coming home to dirty surroundings. It will ensure that you have sparkling floors every day and your dream of coming to a spotlessly clean home will come true. JClean has been especially designed keeping the Indian environment in mind. With JClean doing your work, you can now relax and spend your time more fruitfully at work or with your family.
  • Hassle-free and easy to maintain
    JClean offers you excellent cleaning service quickly and effortlessly while you go about your daily routine. Uncomplicated yet sophisticated with no cords, bags or tubes, once you charge it and set it up you can forget about it. It will work on its own. Beyond emptying the dustbin and cleaning the main brush, you do not have to do anything at all. This intelligent, user friendly vacuum cleaner is guaranteed to become indispensable to you and make your life easier and simpler.
  • Portable, Powerful, Energy-efficient
    JClean makes sure that you go easy on your electricity budget despite its high-tech design and advanced features. Powerful and effective, it is energy efficient and an ideal green solution for daily use. Its remarkable design, state of the art technology and advanced programs makes it perfect for your use.
  • Keep sickness and allergies at bay
    Breathe easy and relax with JClean at your service. Houses with carpets, air conditioners etc. often harbour dangerous allergens such as spores and house dust mites triggering different kinds of allergies and asthma attacks. JClean vacuum cleaner helps immeasurably by removing the last speck of dust, making your surroundings a healthier place to live in.
    So go ahead, bring home that cat which your child wants for a pet without worrying about cat hair and enjoy playing with your children in the house without bothering about how to clean the house!