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JRPL is a technology driven company, with its current offerings in education and industrial sectors. Our vision is to transform JRPL's educational division into a global market leader in providing student centric experiential learning robotic software and hardware tools and Industial division into a strong back bone for Indian automation needs.

It is our belief that each organization is defined by its value. Our core values are reflected in our daily attention to our customers and products. Innovation with dedication and determination is the core part of JRPL. Our solutions are based on our unique research and genuine code that truly represent our commitment and focus in the field of robotics.

Jay Robotix is a company of enduring strength. We invest significant time & effort in developing and renewing a knowledge base that offers a unique perspective and insights to our clients. We work with our clients as we do with our colleagues. We build capabilities and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity.

We visualize the ideas of our clients in our research and development efforts. We remain focused on our prime objective to deliver high quality solution to our clients at optimal costs by adopting the most relevant and advanced technologies.

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