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Lab overview and content

RoboLab is a Activity Based Learning (ABL) laboratory comprising of advanced robots which can be used in experiments by the students in a comfortable school environment. Most of the advanced robots have been developed in-house at Jay Robotix by its efficient technical team. Each robot device is accompanied with RoboGuru set along with a detailed curriculum which enlists a description of a comprehensive set of STEM concepts for the students.

The RoboLab also supplies advanced set of building blocks which can be used as tools for building simulated real-world situations. The students can then carry out a variety of tasks which are defined for the robots and thus gain a very hands-on insight while doing such exercises. The curriculum also includes assessments which can be used by the teachers for evaluating the students' practical skills and knowledge.

How do we set up

In reference to a Robotic lab, Jay Robotix provides two options to the schools

AWe can upgrade that particular school's existing computer lab into robotic lab using our learning tool - RoboGuru along with our Robot kits.

BWe can take up the complete responsibility to sponsor and maintain the entire robotic lab in accordance with the school management

As a part of this lab, Jay Robotix team will train all the concerned teachers of the campus to teach their students the concepts of STEM using robots.

The school which is equipped with the robotic lab will be given the ROBOX kits along with a licensed RoboGuru software, building blocks and complete document. The experiments will be helpful to the students in designing, building, programming and testing a real robot to meet challenges set by the teacher. This program also helps the school in improving the teaching standards to effectively meet the next generation's workforce needs. As this will be inculcated in their curriculum, the process of imparting knowledge and learning will become more relevant to today's times.

Key features
  • State of the Art Laboratory
  • Hands-on Experiences
  • Consolidation of concepts
  • Development of team skills
  • Economical

Get introduced to the world of practical learning through an exciting approach of programming robots.

ROBOX is a holistic experiential learning package which helps the students to learn subjects better and also to mould them into strong positive minds. The main idea is to promote practical way of learning classroom subjects through robotics.

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