The pioneer in robotics.

JRPL is formed with a core mission of unleashing the power of technology and providing the innovative, robust & cost effective robotic solutions to its customers.

To Enhance Industrial Operations with effective automation systems

JRPL aims to provide robust robotic solutions to the industries which bring in much needed enhancements in their operations. We focus on delivering cost effective, tailor-made and innovative offerings to all our customers. We aim to become a one stop solution for all the automation solutions at industries and work towards becoming a trusted partner for technological innovations. JRPL is committed to play an important role in the growth story of industries through robotic solutions.

To Delight Consumers with technological innovation in their daily lives

JRPL is nurturing a dream to bring in robotics to every household of this country. We already developed world class products which assist the consumers in maintaining their everyday duties. Also, we continuously work towards bringing innovative products which make consumers' life lot easier and risk free.

To Contribute to Country's Defense Capabilities

JRPL takes immense pride in delivering extraordinary technological solutions to the defense of our country. We have developed highly innovative products which helps defense to become technically more equipped and stronger than in the past. We are committed with same vigor as soldiers working at borders to provide cutting edge facilities which help our soldiers in doing their duty with lot more ease and comfort.

To make research, a way of Education in INDIA

At JRPL, we learn through experiments. It's a Joy to experiment and be successful than learning from a success story or a well defined lesson. At JRPL, after years of research, we have brought in a way of education to teach practical concepts of STEM to students of various levels. The JRPL education packages are not only critical in establishing a platform for a bright career, but also serve as powerful tools to enhance analytical and communication skills among the students. We aim that every school and every university of this country turns out to be a research hub. JRPL is all set to play an important role in taking Indian Education to the next level, where the whole world gets inspired to aim and reach.

Core Values
  • Innovation With Passion

    We believe in the famous lines -
    "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower"

  • Customer Driven Excellence

    We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit.

  • Management by Fact

    We Mange time | We motivate people | We make things Happen

  • Strategic Planning

    We have a strategic plan... It's called "DOING THINGS."

  • Customer Service

    It's not a department. It's our attitude.